Dethroning Idiocracy (politics for the apolitical)

Revolution against a few old and rotten but well-entrenched customs

Author: Anand Madhu
Pages: 75
Language: English
Publication date: 01/12/2016
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Understand the societal alternatives and the protocols for establishing them...
Revolution against the rotten old customs of Communism, Capitalism, Nationalism, Marriage etc.; protocols for the establishment of alternative social orders: We, the angry young men and women, are educated not primarily by schools, but by the marvels of the age of information. Therefore we see early through the facade, see that what is today miscalled 'civilization', is actually a disaster on many levels. We inherit not just the marvels of engineering from a minority -- but also, from the majority -- a custom of wrecking and trashing the earth, a schoolish custom of servitude to the Absurd, and debt, tons and tons of debt.

Having just one life, we'd rather live it ideally; be jacks of all trades, polymaths rather than 'specialists' (that is, parochial news-watching masters of merely one discipline, who can't see beyond their noses).

Our leaders are blamed of being 'lazy', but it is just that we are idealists and utopians, knowing the Whys of the world, knowing exactly how we must live. Read this book, where all is revealed, and join us!

The intended audience -- those who are sick of worldly absurdity and wish to reform it as soon as possible (and are looking for the common, logically sound definitions of absurdity, and the agreeable protocols through which humanity's problems can be resolved), as well as those who're not that well-informed about worldly absurdity, and thus, evidently, need an alternative education (Gnosis)...
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Took me many years to understand, I\'ll reveal all things to you...

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