Emotional Intelligence 3.0

A Brief Guide To Make A Successful Living; Change Your Mind, Change Your Life.

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Language: English
ISBN: 9781005315917
Publication date: 19/11/2020
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In This eBook, you will learn how you can Stop Worrying and Start Living, How to become fearless, and achieve your heart desires in life.
The Success Lies in Understanding YOURSELF
Are you not doing good with your Job?
Do you hate your boss?
Do you think your relationship is not working? Or you are afraid of being cheated?
Do you always live in fear? The fear of losing your job!! Fear of losing your partner!!! Fear of facing harassment from your boss!!!
Do you feel worried, what people might think about you!!! What do they talk about you when you are not around!!!
If this is YOU, then you are in trouble. And this trouble lies inside you, INSIDE YOUR BRAIN.
YOU are the one who is making your life miserable. You have trapped yourself inside your OWN CREATED thoughts.
Guess what!!!!
You need to come out of this, otherwise, you’ll spend the whole life regretting it.
DON’T WORRY, I’m with you. You don’t need a Psychologist. You need the right counseling. You need the right word to get absorbed in your brain to help you Restore. That’s why, I have come with a GUIDE, a guide called “Emotional Intelligence” to solve all your worries and give you the right solutions to all your problems.
I will teach you step-by-step that:
How you can make a Healthy RELATIONSHIP.
How you can do Good at your JOB.
How you can Stop Worrying and Start Living.
How to change your thinking about anxiety
how to change your thinking about shame
How to become fearless.
how to overcome depression
how to become self-sufficient
How to become self-aware
If you want to change your life, then you need to take a STEP. And this is the RIGHT TIME.
Order this eBook, and apply the principles I have taught in this book to your life. Additional recommended resources including software to neuro-remapping of the brain to control emotions.
I assure you; your life won’t be the same. You’ll become the BETTER version of yourself
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