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a conversational essay about the existence of an omnipotent creator lifeform
This book primarily seeks to unite religion and science at the point where they are traditionally thought to diverge – the origin of mankind. A plausible explanation is given for why, even though the origins of mankind in religion and science seem contradictory, they complement each other when observed from a different perspective. Much of the first chapter, owed to explaining why religious and scientific theories are complimentary, introduces us to what I call, The Great Energy. I assert that The Great Energy is a being comprised of three different energy aspects, which are in each in turn responsible for their own aspect of existence. I discuss how all things in existence come to be when they fractured from The Great Energy. Each of these beings contains at least one of the Great Energy’s three energy aspects and each at different purity levels. I explain how the creation of each of these beings was deliberate, with only the creation of a being who I call, The Other Energy Being, being spontaneous. After a brief discussion about all the beings which I know to exist, I discuss the process by which mankind evolved from the energy being (they were created as) to the physical beings which evolved from apes. I discuss the roles which The Other Energy Being and humanoid beings who I call, The Watcher Beings, played in this metamorphosis. Human nature is to ask questions; the most common of these being, “What is the meaning of life?” This brings us to our next chapter. I do not believe that the question of life’s purpose is a philosophical one, so when tackling this chapter, I did so by answering with the same definite logic I use throughout the book. In the next chapter, I explain how the Jewish Rabbi, Iesua, was a vector of The Great Energy’s own ‘corrective’ energy. Iesua’s purpose was to live as a physical human being that the Great Energy that he was carrying be attuned for human reception at the time of its dispersal. This energy would be ‘dispersed’ at the time of Iesua’s death and resurrection as he was simultaneously completing the process of evolution. The fourth chapter in this book is perhaps the most ominous to read in that it examines death in the context of the internal energy system and consciousness continuing after death of the physical body. Even anthropologists agree on the existence of an intangible consciousness unique to the individual and which assigns him/her their identity. The fifth and last chapter of this book answers the question of when the world will end. In it, I explain that the world as we know it has already begun the process of ending and has ended at the same time. To expand on this assertion, I explain the reasons for the observance of ‘time’ and by default, the passage of time. Time in essence is not real but a rationalisation tool invented and implemented by the human brain that we understand our existence in relation to other people’s existence and that of the beings living within our surroundings.
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As human beings, the most fundamental questions concerning our existence usually centre on whether or not a supreme being exists. Very few can answer that question without meeting with a barrage of related questions. We cannot answer most of those questions but the qualification for anyone of us to answer will surely be given by the fact that we are all human beings.

I suffered a Grand Mal Seizure on July 12, 2013. My partner, Obert, who was there at the time and who phoned the paramedics who eventually terminated the fits, said that when I lost consciousness, he was sure that I was dead. I didn’t breathe for some minutes and with the loss of oxygen to my brain, it was surprising to say the least that I made a full recovery without any brain damage.

I had, even before the seizure, considered myself a deeply spiritual person. I frequently conversed with something or someone (in my head) that I was sure was not me. Having being raised Catholic by a deeply devout mother, I attributed this astute voice in my head to the Christian Deity simply known as ‘God.’ God told me and taught me many things. It was perhaps a year before I suffered the seizure that our ‘conversations’ became more serious. God told me that there were things He wished to impart to me but indicated that in my current state (of diminished acumen,) I wasn’t equipped to receive this ‘information.’ I have small children, so whenever I could steal the time, I would research things of a religious nature. My appetite for this theological knowledge was insatiable. I knew it was God that had made me so inquisitive. There weren’t any libraries in my area catering for my Theological tastes, so I had to make good with ‘Google’ and my laptop whenever the ‘spirit of inquisition’ took hold.

After the seizure and the accompanying ‘panic attacks’ had subsided, my thirst for theological knowledge returned with a new voracity. During the seizure, I remembered feeling an intense fear accompanied by the question of whether or not I accepted my death. I accepted and at that instant, I remember being hauled in front of a being of unimaginable lustre who I knew to be the owner of the voice I had subliminally conversed with for years. I was stupefied, silent. My next memory was of waking in the hospital, struggling to remember who I was and what had happened. After I came home, I was terrified that I would have another seizure. Eventually, my fears allayed. I began writing this book knowing without doubt that I was on some divine mission to impart this knowledge that I had been ‘given’ during the seizure. That is my qualification to write this book.

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