A Sevier Love

Author: Sandee Watkins
Pages: 445
Language: English
Publication date: 22/09/2011
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Adult fiction, Romance, Chick Lit
What could be more romantic than the Smoky Mountains of Sevier County, Tennessee? Throw in two people who have loved one another for the better parts of their lives, but sadly, spent those years apart because of one simple letter that was never received by its intended, instead, being sent back to its originator, marked Return to Sender. So what could be more romantic? When the two reunite and the sparks re-ignite, leading to desire filled days and long, passion filled nights.

Avery Davenport and Lissa Jensen re-connect after years of longing for one another; but not by accident. After Lissa's marriage to an unfaithful husband ends, she sets out to find the one man she's loved since childhood, Avery.

All seems to be going well for the loving couple, until Lissa’s ex-husband, Jason, realizes what he's lost, and that his ex-wife has moved on - without him. In a weak, alcohol induced moment, he decides he wants her back, and plans to stop at nothing until she's his again.

Just how far will Jason's obsession take him? Will Avery and Lissa have the Happily Ever After life with each other they both so want, or, will her jealous ex find a way to win her back... for good?
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Romance Author Sandee Watkins is a native to Birmingham, Alabama in the United States.

Her passion for writing romance began about two years ago; while at work and watching Soaps during lunch breaks. Disgusted with the never-ending cycle of cheating and repeated resurrections of the dead, she gave them up and began writing her own romances. While she leads you through winding roads filled with surprises, you will always be pleased with the outcome when you reach the end of the story.

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