Freedom is a Right. Fought with smoldering passion and fire

Dieing in Australia takes a long time ,The basteds

Author: Robert Morice
Pages: 50
Language: English
Publication date: 16/10/2011
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Wild russian girl love aust farmer communist coal seam gas wants him dead
Story of russian girl father fisherman smuggler wisky and guns and fish, her life growing up as a child and to women hood, Her bed room sex with a gay cafa cook. Her and her friends attempt to marry and find love with a western man The story is toung in cheek,with laughter but this girl is serious about what she wants

story of a swagman ,comming to a countrytown, A farm is been auctioned All the district farmers want to buy it. But is he a swagman or a cunning overseas invester, What is the hong kong bank manager doing in town, The watress at hotell or is she a commododys broker fron Bear Sterns bank in new York. Who will buy the farm and who for

story of a farmer in rural australia finds him self fightning for his farm A farm who family lived there from the beginning of white settlement to present day, in whoes land there is family dignity and familys values, The enemy, the coal seme gas miners in owned by the chinise commuest goverment with the help of local business leaders and the state goverment are plotting to put farmers to shoot them or drive them into bankruptsy, on man fightning a lonely battle to save his dignity and a way of life
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a exrancher ex farmer a water colour and oil painter, private trader of wall street Comming from the same area of were Banjo patterson wrote Waltsing Matilder The out back ,A harsh unforgiving dangerious part of Australia A fighter for farmers and ranchers rights to live and prosper in harmony with rest of Australians

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