Magician King’s Lover

Author: Elizabeth Reed
Pages: 14
Language: English
Publication date: 01/04/2014
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romance fantasy fiction short story
This is a short fiction story – word count 6,724.

King Valdmir’s land and people are under attack from a cruel enemy, and his only chance of victory and survival is to find his queen and unite with her in heart, body and mind. However, Valdmir never envisaged that at the end of the search he would be met with Gena, a very reluctant bride. Unwilling to cooperate with him and see reason, she drives him to distraction! But he cannot deny that he greatly desires her and wishes to bed her – for his own pleasure as well as for the good of his kingdom!
Gena has known for some time that she is the chosen one, destined to bond in union with the king. But she is unable to come to terms with her destiny. She hates the fact that she has to lose her freedom and live a life she has no control over. Not to mention she must spend the rest of her days with the arrogant magician king, Valdmir, who has a most disturbing effect on her… She is half convinced that he is deliberately playing with her mind.
But neither Gena nor Valdmir can deny that when they are together they are able to unleash a source of great power. A power that leaves them curious to see what will happen when they both surrender and give into their passion for each other!
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