Frequently Asked Questions: eBook

About XinXii

XinXii is a leading indie eBook publishing and distribution platform in Europe.

We empower independent authors and publishers to upload and sell any kind of self-written works in multiple formats. They have complete control over their uploads (description, pricing...). As eBook aggregator, XinXii converts eBooks to the ePub and mobi format and distributes to major eBook retailers all over the world (Amazon, iBookstore, Casa del Libro, Kobo...) - for free. 

Readers have the opportunity to discover new authors in all categories and genres of the written word. The titles are ready for immediate download after purchase.

Authors, writers, publishers of eBooks, audiobooks and short texts can...

sell their eBook through their author page on XinXii

  1. without author contract
  2. in real-time, without technical skills
  3. with an own author page and online shop
  4. enter all information such as description, tags, cover, price...
  5. upload an eBook in one or multiple formats: PDF, ePub, mobi, doc, xls...
  6. high royalties per download
  7. consolidated real-time sales reports
  8. keeping full editorial and copyright control

sell their eBook through their author page on XinXii and additionally on all major eBook retailers
  1. we convert eBooks to the ePub format for free for fiction genres
  2. we distribute to the leading eBook-shops all over the world for free
  3. we provide consolidated sales reports

Readers have.
  1. the opportunity to discover new titles in all categories and genres
  2. an easy access to a huge variety of content
  3. can instantly download after purchase
  4. have the opportunity to rate and comment on eBooks

We generate income through commissions from the sales of written works.

How much we earn depends on what price an author considers for her/his eBook, and on how many eBooks are sold: On XinXii, every author or publisher set whatever price she/he wants for the eBook, and we earn our commission only if we sell the eBook.

For customers: After login, the account can be deleted in the user account ( see "My Account" > "User Account").

For authors: before deleting the account, please delete all posted products, save any necessary tax-relevant documents (e.g. commission credits). eBooks and audiobooks distributed via XinXii must first be logged out of the distribution on the project page. Here it still takes a short time until all stores confirm the deletion. After that the project can be deleted completely.
The account or all other stored data can now be deleted in the user account ( "My Account" > "User Account") via the function "Close Account".

"Indie" (shortened from ‘independent’) can be defined as a collective name for creative forms of expression which is characterized by ‘do it yourself ’ ideology, most notably it can be found in the music, fashion and literature.

"Indie publishers", for example, are small and mostly young publishers, which are independent from big companies and "Indie Bookstores" are those which do not belong to a bookstore chain. "Indie books" are published and put on the market by the authors themselves without using the services of a publishing house. As a result, an author who is independent from publishers is called "Indie Author" .

For Readers | Purchasing on XinXii: Buying and Downloading eBooks

After you purchase an eBook, you will be directed to your XinXii account where you can download your file(s) in the "Orders / Invoice" section.

You can pay by PayPal or Credit Card.

Please note that we use iPayment as a partner for credit card transactions and they implement state of the art security tools and techniques to ensure that your card details are secure. XinXii does not have access to any of your credit card details.

No, you can only rate and comment on a document that you have bought on XinXii.

Yes, totally. XinXii's comment system is designed so that you can register and post anonymously.

To rate and comment on a product after a purchase, you must first be logged in. On the media library page and on the order page with an overview of the purchased items, a link to the evaluation will be activated for a period of 4 weeks, where you will also have the opportunity to write a detailed review. The product can also be rated anonymously, simply select the option before saving.

If the publication which you have downloaded does not match with the description text, then please get in touch with us at

Please remember to include details of why you consider that the publication is faulty.

We will contact the author/seller to resolve the issue. Thank you!

Just send us an email at, and we will forward your message along.

Yes. We check uploads for viruses, but this doesn't mean that you will never get a virus. We recommend to have an UP-TO-DATE virus program installed on your system.

We distinguish 2 types of coupons:
the coupon for a free download or the code/coupon for a reduced sales price, also called discount code.

a) You can redeem your download coupon as easy as this:

1. Click on the link "Activate coupon" on the product page, a small field opens to enter the coupon.
2. After activation, the user will receive an email with the download link, which is then back on the product page.
3. All available document formats are displayed, the files can be downloaded directly. Please download directly, because the coupons are usually only activated for a certain time.

b) Discount coupon: This is activated in the shopping cart area, the discount is displayed directly.

Note: The author can define a validity period for each code. If there are problems with redeeming the coupon, the promotion is probably finished.

For a review the link "Write review" is available on the product page. After registration you can write your review or comment here.

For Authors | Before publishing: Getting started

You can upload and sell (almost) any kind of written work - in all categories and genres: poems, recipes, study notes, manuals, guidebooks, textbooks, business plans or PhD theses. There is no minimum number of pages and no restriction on the writing style. We accept many filetypes including Word (.doc), PDF (.pdf), text (.txt), PowerPoint (.ppt), Excel (.xls), Postscript (.ps), mp3, .mobi or ePUB.

Inappropriate material, Reseller eBooks and content that violates our Terms of Use are removed as soon as they are detected or reported and the publishers are excluded from the platform.

Nothing: Publishing on XinXii is FREE!

We do not charge any service (one-time-fees or transaction fees e.g.), and no additional costs will occur.

We do not reduce royalties by fees such as payment processing fees (by PayPal e.g.), retailer discounts, costs due to erroneous or fraudulent transactions or credit card charge-backs. 

Yes. If you don't want to use your real name, use a pseudonym and put it in your author profile.

Yes, you just need to open one single XinXii account to manage multiple pen names.

No, a customer can only see the information which you publish on XinXii or in your eBook. We never pass your registration information to any third party.

No, we do not demand an exclusive distribution deal. You retain all ownership rights, and you are free to publish your eBook elsewhere. To avoid angry customers it is just important that an eBook being sold on XinXii is not published as a free version somewhere else.

No. On XinXii, you benefit from a complete control over your online store: you can remove an item whenever you want to.

On XinXii, you set whatever price you want for the eBook and keep...

  • 70 percent of net sales for works and eBooks
    with a list price greater than $2.49 / £1.59
  • 40 percent of net sales for works and eBooks
    with a list price at or between $0.99 and $2.48 / £0.89 and £1.58

... for every purchased eBook on XinXii. Please check the information page in the "My XinXii > Manage Uploads"-section for the specific royalties on sales transacted via XinXii distribution partners.

XinXii royalties are "net royalties": The "net sales" is equal to the eBook's net sales price. We do not reduce royalties by fees such as payment processing fees (by PayPal e.g.), retailer discounts, costs due to erroneous or fraudulent transactions or credit card charge-backs. 

To receive your royalties, you can choose between PayPal and Bank Transfer as payment method (-> "My XinXii > Author: edit account information"). Please note, that we perform transactions via Bank Transfer only in the European currency zone and in Euro (more information: SEPA). 

Once the minimum amount of EUR 20,00 (~ US$ 27.00 / GBP 17.00) has been confirmed, you can request the payment by click (-> "My XinXii > Sales History"). The amount will then be paid at the end of the following month after being requested. 

A real advantage on XinXii: You can select the currency in which you want to be paid by us (USD, GBP or EUR).

At, an American author is not asked to give a tax ID number, just name and address.

No. XinXii is only for original works by their original author or publishing houses. It is not allowed to sell eBooks that you've purchased anywhere (PLR eBooks or eBooks with reseller rights). Please note, that the unauthorized re-selling will result in immediate account termination, and all earnings will be forfeited, per our Terms of Use.

You can choose the currency, in which you want to manage your XinXii-account (that means the currency in which sales prices are settled and transactions of revenues are made). So if you select USD, you will be paid by us in USD (w/o conversion).

Yes, you keep all rights to your work and you grant us nonexclusive rights to use the work you upload to us. 

As XinXii is an European based company, we have to warrant two aspects: 

  1. - we have to pay the German VAT to the tax office for each digital product sold (7%)
  2. - the VAT must be always included in the final price of all products listed on XinXii

So after a sale, we have to transfer the VAT to the tax office, and the author will get his percentage of the net price as provision/royalty.

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For Authors | Publishing on XinXii: Uploading Documents

You can upload your eBook in the following formats.
Please note that we support the multi-format-upload, so you don't need separate entries for each filetype.

  1. - Adobe PDF (.pdf)
  2. - ePUB (.epub)
  3. - Microsoft Word (.doc/ .docx)
  4. - Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt/.pps/.pptx)
  5. - Microsoft Excel (.xls/.xlsx)
  6. - Mobipocket / Kindle-Format (.mobi)
  7. - mp3 (Audio Book)
  8. - LibreOffice/OpenOffice Text Document (.odt)
  9. - Rich text format (.rtf)

We recommend to use Zamzar ( - a free online service, that converts any file type to any other file type.

By default, the maximum size of a file to be uploaded is around 150 MB. If your file exceeds the maximum size allowed, please contact us on - we will find a solution :-)

The purchase price is the amount you set for your work. It is the amount that buyers will be charged.
The lowest amount that you can charge for a document is 0.99 US$ / GBP.

As you have full editorial control over your documents, you can see what is selling and change their prices accordingly.

XinXii allows authors to make their own choices throughout the publishing process. We do not exercise any editorial control over the information entered - as long as the user does not violate our Terms of Use.

Your eBook is published instantly after your upload.
But you can modify the description, the price etc. online at any moment and in real-time.

If you want to upload eBooks in different languages, then you do not have to open another account.
You just click on the "Publish"-tab, fill in the provided fields and select the language.
The eBook is then automatically listed on the corresponding XinXii-site (-> or for example).

For Authors | Publishing with ISBN

No, we are providing an ISBN only through the "XinXii Power" package - to authors who distribute their eBooks through us.

Yes, when you obtain an ISBN through us, we are sending a copy of your eBook to the German National Library.

"Distribution" means that we deliver the eBooks already published by us to other eBook shops on request by the author, so they could be additionally presented and sold there. We have established partnerships with leading eBook shops worldwide ("XinXii distribution partners") which we constantly expand.

The advantages - Indie authors...

  1. - expand the reach of their books
  2. - increase the chance of a bestseller
  3. - can offer their works on shops to which they have not had access before
  4. - can cover all leading shops with a single registration on XinXii ("All-in-one" solution)

To qualify for a distribution, your eBook must be accepted to our Premium Catalog.

The minimum criteria are:

  1. - ISBN (except: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Casa del Libro)
  2. - a proper copyright page
  3. - quality book cover in jpg-format (note: the iBookstore requires a width of at least 1.400 pixels)

The requirements do not reflect a judgment of the quality, marketability or topic of your eBook.

We distribute eBooks without ISBN to:
  1. - Amazon
  2. - Barnes & Noble
  3. - Casa del Libro.

If your ebook has an ISBN, we ship additionally to:
  1. - Angus & Robertson
  2. -
  3. -
  4. - Der Club Bertelsmann
  5. -
  6. - e-Sentral
  7. - Family Christian 
  8. - Flipkart
  9. - Fnac (.com/.pt)
  10. - Google Books
  11. - Hugendubel
  12. - iBookstore
  13. - Indigo 
  14. - Kobo
  15. - Libris
  16. - Livraria Cultura 
  17. - Mondadori 
  18. - OTTO Media
  19. - Rakuten
  20. - Scribd
  21. - Thalia (.de/.at/.ch)
  22. - Weltbild (.de/.at/.ch)
  23. - Whitcoulls
  24. - WHSmith

On XinXii, you are able to choose your preferred eBook retailers individually.
At the beginning of the publishing-process, we'll ask you if you want to sell your eBook on your XinXii-authorpage only, or if you want us to distribute your eBook on the major eBook retailers as well - and if yes, on which one(s).

If you have decide to distribute your eBook through us, you will fill in the provided fields (category, title, summary, pages, keywords, your profile etc.), enter the sales price and upload your eBook (in one or multiple formats) - and select the eBook shops. We will then proceed and take care of the conversion and the shipment.
Yes, you can choose between all eBook retailers - we do not distribute to all retailers automatically.
For more information on the different royalties we pay per XinXii distribution partner, please have a look on our information page in the left-hand side column in"My XinXii > Manage Uploads".
If you have the ePub version of your eBook, we ask you to upload it on XinXii.
If you can't provide your eBook in ePub just upload the .doc(x) or .odt file, and we will do the conversion for you (some restrictions apply).
Note: We only convert eBooks for distribution.
We reflect the shipping date in your XinXii Dashboard (see "All Uploads > Distribution Status""). Once we ship your eBook to a retailer, it can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days before it appears on their digital shelves.

  1. - Amazon (all Kindle stores)
  2. - Angus & Robertson (Australia)
  3. - Barnes & Noble
  4. -
  5. - (Germany)
  6. - Casa del Libro (Spain)
  7. - Der Club Bertelsmann (Germany)
  8. - (Austria)
  9. - e-Sentral (Southeast Asia)
  10. - Family Christian (USA)
  11. - Flipkart (India)
  12. - Fnac (.com/.pt)
  13. - Google Books
  14. - Hugendubel (Germany)
  15. - iBookstore
  16. - Indigo (Canada)
  17. - Kobo
  18. - Libris (Netherlands)
  19. - Livraria Cultura (Brasil)
  20. - Mondadori (Italia)
  21. - OTTO Media (Germany)
  22. - Rakuten (Japan)
  23. - Scribd
  24. - Thalia (.de/.at/.ch)
  25. - Weltbild (.de/.at/.ch)
  26. - Whitcoulls (New Zealand)
  27. - WHSmith (UK)

  1. Direct Search:
    Just download the free Apple iBook App on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, and then search your eBook by book title or author name. Please note that Apple provides the iBookstore in 51 countries, so if your eBook hasn't yet been distributed to a specific country, then you won't find it there. XinXii usually distributes to all 51 countries.
  2. Search via Weblink:
    You can find your eBook via the following hyperlink:

Please send us an email at, and send us the direct hyperlink to the retailer's listing with a clear explanation of the issue.
Please, don't contact the retailer, we will expedite the correction for you.
Yes, we provide consolidated sales reports. But please note that sales at retailers are reported back to us on a delayed basis.
So there will be a lag time between sales, the time we receive the reports and the payment.
Once we receive the reports, we will reflect this data in your dashboard.
When you have already published your eBook on XinXii and would like to offer it on other eBook shops, then just write us an email at with the following information:
  1. - Title
  2. - Author's name
  3. - Desired sales channels
  4. - ISBN (except for Amazon, Casa del Libro and Barnes & Noble)

Please note that you should have uploaded a book cover with a width of 1400 pixels and mentioned the book title and author's name.

For Authors | After Publishing: Managing & Selling Documents

You you can make changes to your document locally and upload the changed document as a new revision:
Please click on "Edit" beside the title and upload the new version at the bottom of the page.
The new version will replace the old one while retaining the document's statistics and comments.
The document's URL will remain the same, too.
You can edit your entries in the "My Uploads > Manage Uploads" section, where a summary of the titles of all the entries you have added to XinXii will be visible.
Please click on the "Edit" button beside the entry you wish to edit.
Yes: Please click on your upload summary ("My XinXii > Manage Uploads") and choose "Edit" next to the corresponding title.
Yes! Please go to "My XinXii > Manage Uploads", and click on "Edit" beside the relevant title.
At the end of the site, you can see a list of your uploaded files; you can download each here.
XinXii provides a real-time sales report in your account (see "My XinXii > Sales Statistics").
You'll see which document has been bought and when but but you won't be able to find out who your customers are.
No, it's not possible to see *who* exactly bought your files, unless the customer comments on your document after purchase by name.
Yes, any purchased download is reported instantly in your sales statistics.

To receive your royalties, you can choose between PayPal and Bank Transfer as payment method (-> "My XinXii > Author: edit account information"). Please note, that we perform transactions via Bank Transfer only in the European currency zone and in Euro (more information: SEPA).

Once the minimum amount of EUR 20,00 (~ US$ 27.00 / GBP 17.00) has been confirmed, you can request the payment by click (-> "My XinXii > Sales History"). The amount will then be paid at the end of the following month after being requested.

A real advantage on XinXii: You can select the currency in which you want to be paid by us (USD, GBP or EUR).

Once your work is on the XinXii Store, we encourage you to promote your work if you want to increase sales. Just have a look on our Social Media for Authors site where you can find a variety of useful online tools including the right use of Social Networks, Twitter, Press Releases, Booktrailer and XinXii Author Badges.

If you have your own web page or Blog, you can use our buttons or your personal link to link your visitors to XinXii! Just have a look in the "My XinXii > Marketing" area. 

If your work's not yet ready to be published, or you need to make some changes to it, you are able to put your project offline.
To disable viewing an entry, go to the "Manage Uploads" section in your personal XinXii area.
Then, beside the titles, click on the red/green square to put it offline/online - or click the "delete"-button to remove it from the XinXii marketplace.
No, XinXii won't remove your documents. They will remain for sale on the XinXii Store until you choose to remove them - regardless of how many people buy them.

You can generate coupon codes for your eBook - namely under "My XinXii > Coupon Manager".

The please click on "Create new coupon code" and submit the following information:

  1. - Code: You can either use the automatically generated code or you enter one ( for example Easter12)
  2. - Number of downloads: You can limit the number of downloads or allow unlimited downloads.
  3. - Validity: You can specify when the promotion starts and how long it lasts (between 1 and 12 days).

Now you have to distribute the coupon code! The readers submit the code when checking out and they can download the book free of charge.
You can check the number of the redeemed coupons in the section Coupon Manager as well as delete/deactivate the coupon code.
If you need ideas how to use coupon codes for marketing your eBook: you can find tips and examples here!

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