Herbal Medicine Natural Cures

Remedies Heal Common Ailments

Author: Devika Primic
Pages: 14
Language: English
Publication date: 20/01/2021
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Chinese people believe in TCM because of its long history of usage, traditions, faith, popularity, and related anecdotes.
Here is how Chinese herbs can help:
Cold and flu: They can reduce runny nose and cough and build immunity.
Persistent fatigue: They can increase energy.
Sinusitis: They can reduce nasal congestion and improve breathing.
Diarrhea and constipation: They can improve digestion and regulate bowel movement

For centuries, China and other Asian countries have embraced herbal therapy. Now America is beginning to see the value of combining Chinese herbs with Western medicine.

How Chinese herbs restore balance
Like acupuncture, herbal therapy addresses unhealthy body patterns. Doing so can restore balance and strengthen your resistance to disease. Here is how Chinese herbs can help:
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