Primary chronic glomerylonephratis

Clinic and diagnostic

Author: Neli Melman
Pages: 9
Language: English
Publication date: 06/07/2015
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Determinated test of diagnostic
Longitudinal clinical version and stages primary chronic glomerylonephratis (590 patients).Determinate multifaceted kidney function, morphology and % damage glomerulis.

Were compared clinical functional and morphological tests.Determined the best tests.
Proposed the hypothesis of the pathogenesis and ways of further research.
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About the author

Neli Melman MD,Phd., Ddoctor of medical sciences, Senior researcher of the Kiev Research Institute of Urology and Nephrology. Co-author of 11 books (manuals, monographs, reference books, etc..). Has published more than 150 scientific articles. In November 1989, on the status of refugee and his family arrived in the United States.
For 15 years worked in the laboratory of molecular recognition of the National Institutes of Health. Co-author of 40 articles on current issues in molecular biochemistry. She worked in the social service organizations.
Scientific and popular publications in the United States in Russian.
Co-author of "Health Effects of the Chernobyl accident (2000). "American Family Medical Encyclopedia" (2001).
Author: Radiation and Health 2010 "Socialization of Russian Jewish physicians in the United States" (2007), Tolko facts. Anti-Semitism in the way of education and science, "Eng. (2011) The Jews in space (2013).
Life and work of Melman positively evaluated in the newspaper «Senior Beacon», November, 1998, «Cascade» Chapter in the book "To know and remember" (S. Zolatarev, New York, 2002). Kleiner A. «In the wake of memory», 2014.
Member OON two conferences on the Chernobyl disaster (2006 and 2007) and two international conferences. Performs regularly in the Russian-speaking audience, 25-year own observations and analysis of the literature materials were the basis for a multi-faceted coverage of the latest wave of emigration of Russian Jews in the United States.

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