The Age of Homo Sapiens Sapiens [mobi]

Heaven or Hell

Pages: 328
Language: English
Publication date: 01/07/2016
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Interactive, hyperlinked eBook about humankind's future on Earth.
This eBook is about the future, and it is about the 21st century human condition. Will future life on Earth be more like Heaven, or will it be more like Hell? This eBook takes the position that humans are empowered with the intelligence to choose their fate. This eBook places a spotlight on some possible activities and events that could lead to a heavenly future for humans, and it places a spotlight on other kinds of activities and events that could lead to a hellish future for humans on Earth. The book implores humans to choose life over extinction. In choosing life, the book further implores humans to choose the civilized way of life. Among other things, the civilized way of life entails acceptance of a value system characterized by democratic political institutions, free market economic institutions, the scientific educational method, and individual liberties within the rule of law (including the freedom of religious worship). The Age of Homo Sapiens Sapiens is both a state of mind and a new way of living. The Age of Homo Sapiens Sapiens also reflects an acknowledgment of the unique role of humans in the natural world.
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Author who seeks to make a positive difference on this magnificent planet called Earth.

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