Why are you not affected by the unseen world?

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Read by: Hosny Al-Bashbishy
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Publication date: 17/02/2021
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Achieve true knowledge of God and the Hereafter
A person’s feelings are only affected by a serious matter. If a person’s feelings are not affected by the world of the unseen, the reason for that is either that the world of the unseen is a trivial matter that is not dangerous, or that the person does not know it or is not certain of it.
The world of the unseen is a very dangerous matter because the existence of the Creator means that you are made and owned by him, and the existence of the Hereafter means the transition to an eternal life other than the worldly life, and this life has gold, palaces, charming women and wines and it also has life for some people who live inside the fire itself, so the world of the unseen is a dangerous and exciting thing. Very influential on human feelings and life.
As long as the world of the unseen is a dangerous matter and you are certain of it, the problem is lack of knowledge of it, meaning that a person lives as if he had not heard of the world of the unseen.
The reason for not knowing the world of the unseen is not because a person has not heard about the matter or because he does not understand its meaning, but because there is no third condition in knowledge, which is that he did not pay attention to its seriousness, that is, he did not pay attention to the seriousness of what he heard and understood and was certain of.
There is a very strange contradiction where a person combines belief in something and ignorance about it at the same time!
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