XinXii Style Guide: Optimal Formatting For E-Books!

The Ultimate Guide For Authors:

From a professionally prepared text to the professional e-book.

XinXii Style Guide: Optimal Formatting For E-BooksThe "XinXii Style Guide" is the perfect guide to high-quality e-book creation – from formatting texts to the question of layout to the necessary components of an e-book, such as cover, title and disclaimer. This free guide is suggested reading for authors who want to distribute their book via XinXii to major e-book retailers such as amazon, the Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, WHSmith and many more.

The Style-Guide is aimed primarily at XinXii users who upload their text files to, in order to submit them for conversion into e-books and distribution to e-book shops (see XinXii-Plus und XinXii-Power). Authors who market their book independently and publishers can also find opportunities for optimization and practical tips about the process of creating an e-book. 

The instructions explain step by step how a Word or Open Office text file is prepared for optimal conversion to e-book format: starting from the definition of the paragraphs, the use of fonts, special characters, footnotes and links, to chapter and page design, to the integration of pictures and tables. 

All steps are described succinctly but in detail and are easy to put into practice – without having to be an expert in text formatting. Numerous images and examples, a checklist, as well as suggested links to Word or Open Office tutorials make the XinXii style guide an essential reference for self-publishers.

Author: Katja Nauck

Length: 39 pages

Written: 2014


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